How to resize your Shopify product images

It's important to make all your Shopify product images be the same size.

Shopify Product images

There are a few different ways to get this done:

1. Via your Shopify admin panel:

  • Go to the products page and select the product you want to optimise
  • In the media section, click on the image you want to resize
  • Adjust the height or width to what you want
  • Optional: Uncheck the 'Lock aspect ratio' - adjust the height and width, and check the 'lock aspect ratio'
  • Click 'Done'
2. Via Shopify's free image resizer tool:
  • Go to the home page and upload the images you want to resize
  • Select the preferred size : compact, medium or large
  • Download the image and re-upload them to your Shopify's product page
3. Via a paid app on the Shopify App store:
4. Via bulk image editors:
  • Download all your product images
  • Upload them to a tool like BatchCompress or use a tool like Windows Image Resizer (Power Tools) that helps you compress multiple images in batches
  • Re-upload them manually to your Shopify store
If you already have a running store, it makes sense to automate the process with a paid Shopify app as this will save you time and reduce manual errors.
Manually downloading and uploading product images individually will take you a lot of time.
Making your product images to be the same size:
You first need to find out what is the optimal size you want your images to be. For this, look at your current product pictures and find the best picture.
THen go into that product and look at what the height and width are for those images. You can then use the same height and width for all your other product images.
Aspect Ratio is important to consider when you are editing images. Aspect Ratio is the rate of an image's width divided by the height. THis means that there can be images with different sizes having the same aspect ratio.
One thing to be careful about is that if you uncheck the 'Lock aspect ratio' - and change both the height and width of the image, the images can get distorted.
In some cases it may be better to first crop the image, and remove the unnecessary parts before you resize them. This way the distortion will be less.
Resizing product images to the right size:
While resizing your images, you basically want them to be of the same size, and to be less weight (i.e. not too large in KB). For product images, the recommended size is 2048 * 2048
Once you are done, manually go through your website and make sure these product images are displaying correctly
  • Check that the products in the collection pages look good
  • Check that the product images in the show page - i.e. the featured image and the thumbnail pictures look good
  • From an Android and an iPhone, visit your website and make sure that the images are displayed properly
  • From a large desktop, visit your website and keep resizing the window and check if your images are displayed properly at different window sizes.
For all these checks it is important to make sure that your images dont look blurry or like it has low-resolution.
In the next blog, we will deep dive into different themes and images, and how themes handle different image sizes.
* The featured product images were taken from No Nasties.