How to fix Shopify's 'cant create shipping label' error

When you are ready to fulfil a Shopify order and you are trying to print the shipping labels, you may sometimes run into the shipping label error. The error may show as one of the following:

  1. It says 'server error' and the spinner keeps reloading.
  2. Sometimes it may say that 'shipping labels couldn't be purchased'.
  3. Sometimes the error may be more generic and simply ask you to 'Fix the errors for each order and try again' or with just an 'Unexpected error occurred'.

The problem with these generic errors is that they have no more details to them, and thus it is not possible to identify what the real issue or problem is. Let's look at how we can try to fix this to make the shipping label error go away.

  1. If shipping labels have never worked for you in the past, it may be because Shopify needs to create or authorise UPS shipping to your Shopify account. If you contact support, they should be able to fix this in a few minutes - and you will be able to create shipping labels once they have authorised for the same.
  2. If shipping labels worked for you in the past and suddenly stopped working - or if you can print shipping labels one at a time for each order - but not in batches for multiple orders, then it may be because of browser issues. It is recommended to try using another browser - if you are using Chrome try using Firefox. Once you do that log out of Shopify, and log back in to see if this issue is fixed.
  3. Sometimes shipping labels will not work if the address you are sending from is not verified by Shopify. You need to use the address with an actual post office instead of just a PO box.
  4. Clear out your cache, app data and cookies and log out of Shopify and then log back in.
  5. Check if you have entered the address and location correctly. You need to have a location saved before you can start printing shipping labels.
  6. Re-save the location again. Go into Settings -> Locations and click on the location. Then hit the save button again.
  7. Check if you have entered the total weight of the box and the items correctly. If they are incorrect, Shopify may not let you print shipping labels.
  8. Check Shopify's error status to see if Shopify's shipping label system is down due to any errors.

If none of these fixes the shipping label error, contact Shopify support immediately. If the issue is still not solved, it may also make sense to contact the customer and let them know that the order will be delayed - and offer them a discount or pay for the shipping costs if needed.