Fixing Shopify & Apple Pay's Shipping Invalid error

Many Shopify stores are complaining of this 'Shipping Invalid' error, when also accepting payments via Apple Pay.

This happens when a customer tries to pay for their products via Apple Pay, and get one of the following errors:

  • Shipping address is invalid.
  • Shipping address cant be blank.

This is happening because of the privacy setup on your customer Apple Pay settings - i.e. all orders that originate via Apple Pay are going to your carriers without the shipping address field. Apple strips this data and sends it as a blank field.

This in-turn is a problem because it makes it impossible for you to gather quotes from your carriers without the shipping address. You can verify this by checking that when the same customer places an order paid by another method (not Apple Pay), the carrier will get all the details including the shipping address.

It is impossible to get the data from Apple due to privacy reasons, and therefor the best work around to still use Apple Pay is to do the following.

Speak to your carrier and tell them to generate quotes also based on city, the state and the zip code. Once the order has been placed you can update the carrier with the customers name and address. This way customers who choose to pay via Apple Pay can still go ahead and order from your store without getting any errors in the process.


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